Having trees in your property comes with various issues and responsibilities. At times, this can include the need for tree removal services. Regardless of the reason for tree removal, it’s crucial that you don’t attempt to do it yourself. A job like this requires expertise and the proper equipment to ensure safety and proper removal.

Here are 4 things that you should consider when hiring an arborist for tree removal service:

1. Credentials and licensure

You want to make sure that employees have the proper credentials and that the company is licensed. Otherwise, they shouldn’t be doing the job and you’re going to be in a lot of avoidable trouble if you hire them. Check information on their website for accreditation and cross-reference with reviews, and third-party websites. Call them up if you feel it’s necessary.

2. Insurance

In a hazardous working environment, insurance is something that you shouldn’t miss. You want to know what kind of liability is covered and that the workers have compensation insurance. This way, the company will cover damage done to your property or injuries their employee sustains while doing the job. It’s also your protection from lawsuit. Check the insurance and make sure it’s stated on the contract.

3. Equipment

Inquire the prospective company what equipment they will use for the job you want to hire them for. You will have to be detailed about the services you need. A seasoned arborist will have every tool and equipment necessary for any tree removal job.

4. Referrals and reviews

Take a look at reviews and recommendations from previous customers. Check their website, social media pages, and third-party review sites to ensure they’re unbiased. You will get a lot of idea on how they perform the job and handle customers from start to finish by reading on these comments. Beware of red flags in reviews like anything dodgy with the service or employees.