If you have a garden, lawn and trees in your property, mulch is your best friend for many reasons. This article will talk about the best time to mulch and the benefits that you can reap from it.

When to Mulch?

When it comes to mulching, timing is everything. Doing it too early or too late could create problems. As a general rule, mid to late spring is mulching season because the soil is warming up.

If you have perennials, or flowers that come each year, the best time is when they’re dormant or after they’ve hardened.

Why mulch?

1. Retains moisture

Organic tree mulches absorb water and limit evaporation. During the hot, dry seasons, it will help both your trees and plants and your water bill.

2. Manages weeds

A 2-4 inch of mulch naturally helps prevent weeds from springing up too fast.

3. Improves the soil

Organic mulch like those that we supply improve the soil as they break down. Over time, insects and microbes consume the mulch and add the by-products back to the soil as organic matter.

4. Adds aesthetic appeal to your landscape

Besides being functional, using mulches can also aid in your garden’s decorative aspect.

Get your supply of organic much with us! If you aren’t sure which kind is best for you, contact us and we’ll help you out.