There were so many news articles about 12-year old Connor Creagh from Queensland who was crushed under a fallen tree after it suddenly sprang back into place. He’s then made recovery from the injuries, but what causes trees to spring back upright?

Severe weather conditions, such as storms, can alter the soil’s structure. Once the soil structure is weakened, it’s root plate can lift and fail. However, the trees’ root may still be connected to one side and still has a lot of pressure. When there’s a lot of compression forcing it back into place, even a gush of wind can cause the tree to stand back upright.

This doesn’t happen all the time, but it certainly does occur. When other factors come into play such as moving or cutting the fallen trees, people walking on it, or other disturbances that can move them, it’s not a surprise for trees to stand upright again due to the tension.

Here’s what to do when a storm causes a tree falls in your property or backyard:

1. Check if the base has started to lift.
2. Look for cracks in the soil which can indicate that the tree has moved in the ground.
3. Call the help of experts to determine the tree’s stability and movement, among other things.
4. Stay away from the fallen tree; don’t let your kids play around it – this is the most dangerous thing to do!
5. Leave it to reputable arborists to proceed with tree removal.