If the tree is listed as an Environmental Heritage Item or is on a Significant Tree Register, you must get a Development Application (DA). These trees are seen to be vital for landscape, function, history, and notability both in aboriginal and botanical aspects.

Besides this, majority tree removals, trimming and pruning can be done with a permit issued by your local council. The local council has rules specific to your suburb for tree management.

Local Tree Management authorities recommend that if you’re looking to remove or prune a tree on your property, it’s crucial to seek assessment from a reputable arborist before applying for a permit. A trusted arborist will give objective findings to avoid unnecessary anxiety for tree owners and prevent delayed processing.

Your local council will then take into account factors such as landscape significance, species, health and condition, growing environment and so on.

You must realize that it’s of utmost importance to not take action without getting a permit as the maximum penalty for cutting down a protected tree can reach u to a whooping $110,000 in a local court.

If you’re concerned that the tree on your property is causing building damage, or want to prune nuisance branches, you can contact us for assessment. Once a permit is granted, we can proceed with tree removal and or other recommended services.