Marri Woodchips

A premium diamond-shaped woodchip with a natural brown colour – commonly used for commercial and domestic groundcover

Produced following Australian Standard (AS4454) – Non-certified

Made of 100% Marri (Corymbia calophylla) also known as River Red Gum

Termite resistant timber*

Native to Western Australia

Medium Grade: 15 – 45mm* (diameter)

Naturally Brown (oxidizes lighter in sunlight)


  • Enhances the aesthetic appearance of landscapes
  • Balances PH levels in most soil types*
  • Reduces water evaporation
  • Hard wearing and long lasting material
  • Regulates moisture retention
  • Moderates soil temperature
  • Provides weed control and suppression (when installed at 150mm or more*)
  • Inhibits weed germination
  • Sustainably procured and harvested


Recommended use

  • Soft ground cover (domestic use*)
  • Aesthetics and general decoration
  • Increasing nitrogen levels in most soils
  • Optimizing healthy plant growth
  • Regulating soil temperature
  • Retaining moisture in most soils
  • Water conservation (may save up to 88% of moisture evaporation*)
  • Weed control and general suppression
  • Ground coverage in windswept areas (heavy)

Recommended Application

  • Soft-fall (1-2m fall height): Install at 350mm thickness
  • Soft-fall (3m fall height): Install at 450mm thickness
  • Aesthetics: Spread at 30 – 50mm thickness
  • Water Conservation / Remediation: Spread at 75 – 150mm thickness
  • Ground Cover: Spread at 50 – 75mm thickness
  • Top-up: Spread at 50 – 75mm thickness