Plantation Management Services

We offer various plant management services such as plantation silviculture, firebreak maintenance, harvesting and supply chain management, general management advice and consultancy, and access to log and wood chip markets.

Our services range from project planning to development. It involves preparing for weed control, cultivating, planting, fertilising, plant growth monitoring, pruning and trimming, mulching, and harvest.

What are the benefits of silviculture?

  • ensures that the treatment of forest stands are used to preserve and to better their productivity
  • improves forest cover which is necessary for the conservation of wildlife
  • helps prevent soil erosion as the forest cover keeps the topsoil intact
  • creates and maintains perfect water cycle in nature

No job is too big – our plantation management experts work with you to achieve your desired outcome. 

WA TreeWorks are a

Plantation Management Company

WA TreeWorks is a plantation management company with a difference. Our team is made up of certified and experienced forestry specialists. All quotes provided will reflect value for money and take into account the following factors:

  • Your objectives
  • Forestry Assessment, including the type, health and future growth of the tree(s).
  • Forestry risks – any restrictions that should be considered including the position of trees in relation to land use, underground services or overhead power lines.
  • Appropriate equipment
  • Environmental concerns

In addition to plantation management, we also offer tree removal services.

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Service Area

Plantation Management Perth & WA

At present, we offer management to Perth based plantations. If you live in regional WA, please get in touch with our team to see if we can offer plantation management in your area.

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Email our forestry expert.

Questions, comments or need more information? David is our Forestry expert and can provide advice and strategy on a commercial level.

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