Stump Grinding Services

After a successful tree removal, you may be left with an unsightly stump in your property. While others might think that the stump isn’t a big deal, stump removal and grinding isn’t for aesthetics alone but for the safety of your residential or commercial property as well.

No job is too big – our qualified stump grinders can perform the full range of stump grinding services from residential backyards to specialist commercial stump grinding.

Our team are able to remove tree stumps, remove tree branches, remove small or large trees such as a palm trees, or clear a block of trees.

Why get stump grinding & removal?

  • Stump grinding improves safety and convenience – Tree stumps can be trip hazards and are difficult to mow around. Stump grinding also ensures that there is no unwanted tree growth from improper stump removal.
  • Stump grinding protects your home and structures from termite damage – As pesky as they are, termites secretly eat up the middle of a stump and create a nest. From there, they can eat the root system and find their way to your home. You don’t want that costly damage!
  • Stump removal enhances your property’s aesthetics – Tree stumps can take up space and ruin aesthetics of your property, even pose challenges to future landscaping projects. With stump removal, you’ll be able to use the cleared space to plant something else.
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WA TreeWorks is a

Stump Grinding Company

WA TreeWorks is a stump grinding company with a difference. Our team is made up of arborists with a professional understanding and experience in specialist stump grinding services.

All quotes provided will reflect value for money and take into account the following factors:

  • Your objectives
  • Tree Assessment, including the type, health and future growth of the tree(s).
  • Tree risks – any restrictions that should be considered including the position of trees in relation to land use, underground services or overhead power lines.
  • Appropriate equipment
  • Environmental concerns

In addition to stump grinding, we also offer tree removal services.

Service Area

Stump Grinding Perth & WA

At present, we offer stump grinding in Perth and WA.

We regularly service suburbs north of the river from Yanchep to Joondalup to Hillarys to Subiaco and south of the river from South Perth to Mosman Park to Fremantle to Wattle Grove to Armadale, Rockingham and Mandurah.

We also regularly provide stump grinding in the Perth Hills including suburbs like Mundaring, Kalamunda, Martin and Armadale.

If you live in regional WA, please get in touch with our team to see if we can remove trees in your area.

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Email our tree services expert.

Questions, comments or need more information? our tree services expert Catherine is here to help, please feel free to contact us and start a conversation.

Stump Grinding Costs

The price of stump grinding depends on several factors including:

  • your location,  
  • the  type and size of the stump(s),
  • the location of the stump in relation to other gardens and vegetation,
  • the proximity to buildings and fences, and
  • ease of access to the stump.

We understand all these factors and are confident you will find our stump grinding prices competitive across the Perth market.

Please use our stump grinding estimator to determine approximate costs, alternatively we can provide expert advice based on your budget and timeframe on 1800 088 733.

Stump Grinding Quote & Estimator