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What is a Firebreak? A fire break is generally 3 meter wide bare earth path around the outer edges of a property but it may have go to 6 meters wide if it is adjacent to a highly populated area.

Fire breaks are required by law above a specified land area and the shires or councils inspect them regularly for compliance. For some organisations we also cover fire breaks with limestone or Ferrocrete  to make them trafficable and keep down the weeds, a popular service we provide to utility companies.

We typically install firebreaks with skid steers or tractors with attachments on them such as disc ploughs, rake buckets or mulchers. Each council has a slightly different requirement for how firebreaks are installed and maintained, we make sure to check each council’s regulations before quoting on the job.

WA TreeWorks are

Firebreak Contractors

WA TreeWorks firebreak contractors are a team of certified arborists and vegetation management specialists with years of combined experience. No job is too big – our qualified team can perform the full range of firebreak services from residential backyards to specialist commercial firebreak slashing.

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Service Area

Firebreaks Perth & WA

We presently offer fire break slashing services in Perth and regional WA.

Every year, land owners are required to clear inflammable matter on land owned and or occupied, and must be maintained until certain month the following year. There are specific requirements and time frames for various shires in Western Australia that you’ll need to comply with. Part of this responsibility is to make sure that your land is free of combustible material during the fire season. Failing to comply with local requirements can mean paying a hefty penalty.

We regularly service suburbs north of the river from Yanchep to Joondalup, South of the river from South Perth to Mandurah and in the Perth hills and regional WA.

We also regularly slash firebreaks in the Perth Hills including suburbs like Mundaring, Kalamunda, Martin and Armadale.

If you live in regional WA, please get in touch with our team to see if we can remove trees in your area.

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Email our vegetation management expert.

Questions, comments or need more information? Steve is the brains behind our vegetation management services and can assist with any queries you may have.

Getting a

Firebreak Quote

All quotes provided will reflect value for money and take into account the following firebreaking factors:

  • Your objectives
  • Tree & Vegetation Assessment, including the health and future growth of the tree(s), species, native or non-native, size, age, health.
  • Fire Risk Assessment – including considerations for the position of trees in relation to land use, underground services or overhead power lines.
  • Appropriate firebreak equipment
  • Environmental concerns


Start a Conversation

Let us know how we can help you and arrange a time for a site inspection.


Needs Analysis

Our tree experts assess your requirements and provide practical advice.


Advice & Quote

A recommended course of action and obligation free quote will be provided.


Job Execution

Upon quote acceptance, an agreed date will be chosen to complete the job.

Firebreak Costs

The price of firebreaking depends on several factors including your location, the type and size of the tree(s), the proximity to other works and the accessibility of the tree. All these factors considered, we are confident that our prices are competitive in the Perth market.

We cannot provide approximate prices here on our website but we can provide expert advice based on your budget and timeframe. Please feel free to contact us with any questions on 1800 088 733.

If you’re ready to get started, please request an obligation free tree inspection so that we can ensure the job will be completed in a professional manner, to meet your expectations.

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