Terms & Conditions

It is agreed by and between WA TreeWorks and the authorising party (customer and/or customer’s agent) that the following provisions are made as part of this contract:

WA TreeWorks

WA TreeWorks is certified to ISO 14001:2015 Environment, AS/NZS 4801:2001 Safety and ISO 9001:2015 Quality standards, a member of The Tree Guild of Western Australia, Arboriculture Australia and QTRA and as such agrees to abide by their respective standards and codes of conduct and perform the work in a competent manner according to modern recognised, arboriculture, horticultural or facilities management best practice.

Insurance Cover

WA TreeWorks warrants that the organisation is fully insured with $20,000,000 public liability cover.

All Contracts

All contracts and instructions are accepted based on full payment on completion of works or within pre-arranged credit terms following date of invoice. Non-payment within 7 days may result in referral of invoices to debt collection. The authorised signatory accepts that all costs relating to debt collection are paid by them in addition to WA Treeworks’ invoiced amount.

All trees are pruned in accordance with AS 4373 Pruning of Amenity Trees unless client specifically requests pruning outside of this standard.

Goods and Services Tax

Where applicable GST will be charged at the current rate.  All quotations are exclusive of GST unless specifically quoted as inclusive.


All quotes are valid for 30 days.  After 30 days from the date of quotation, WA TreeWorks reserves the right to withdraw and re-quote work unless otherwise agreed in writing.

Stump Removal

Unless specified in the quotation, stump removal is not included.  When performing stump grinding to the standard depth of 200mm below ground level, roots are not chased, and grindings are not removed from site unless specifically included within the price quoted.

Tree Removal

Tree removal refers to the removal of a tree or shrub as close to ground level as possible.


One application of poison only is made at the time of works.  We cannot guarantee against re-growth.

Tree Ownership

The authorising party warrants that all trees listed are located on the authorising party’s property and, if not, that the authorising party has received full permission from the owner to allow WA TreeWorks to perform the specified work.  Should any tree be mistakenly identified as to ownership, the authorising party agrees to indemnify WA TreeWorks for any damages or costs incurred from the result thereof.

Site Conditions

The contract price is based on the site conditions existing at the time of the preparation of the quote/estimate remaining unchanged.  Pet mess around the work area will need to be removed prior to commencement of work as per the requirement to provide a safe place of work.  WA TreeWorks reserves the right to either withdraw from the contract or charge additional costs to cover clean up and/or additional PPE.

All moveable items such as pots, ornaments, garden furniture must be relocated prior to commencement of works to prevent damage. We also advise contacting neighbours in regard to any works that may impact them such as dust or noise.

If access to site is prevented due to cars or other obstacles WA TreeWorks reserves the right to charge for additional time and/or rescheduling of works.

Underground Services

Unless a plan showing the exact location of underground pipes, wires, cables or drains is provided to WA TreeWorks by the authorised signatory or owner of the land (or their agent) prior to the formation of the contract, WA TreeWorks shall be under no liability for any damage caused as a result of work performed under the contract to such pipes, wires, cables or drains, or for any damage to property resulting therefrom and the owner of the land or his agent shall be solely liable for any such damage.

Concealed Contingencies

Quotations are based on the assumption of trees being free from metal, stone or other hidden obstructions. In the event of a tree being impossible to fell in the quoted way using standard techniques, the company reserves the right to requote accordingly.

Completion of Contract: 

WA TreeWorks will not be liable in damages or otherwise because of non-performance of a contract arising on account of adverse weather conditions, strikes, lockouts, war and civil commotion or lack of adequately skilled labour due to causes beyond our control. Further, we retain the right in such circumstances to cancel the contract in whole or in part. Completion dates shall be contingent upon weather conditions.


WA TreeWorks will make every effort to avoid damage to driveways, pavements, and other hardscapes. In the event we are responsible for our equipment causing settling, cracking, or other damage to these hardscapes, we will liaise with you over appropriate options for repair.


Clean-up shall include removing wood, removing brush, and raking of the entire area affected by the specified work, unless noted otherwise on the proposal.

Media Release

Whilst privacy is respected, occasionally WA TreeWorks takes pictures and records video and/or sound during jobs to be used for training and promotional purposes. The authorising party grants WA TreeWorks, the right to use, publish, and reproduce pictures, video, and sound recordings in any and all media formats for any and all purposes. In addition, the authorising party waives the right to receive any payment from WA TreeWorks for use of this media.

Feedback or Complaints

All feedback is welcome and encouraged as this assists us identify areas for improvement and ability to meet our customer’s needs. Any complaints which may arise from work performed under any contract arising from acceptance of the estimate must be made within 7 days from the date of invoice and will be followed up in accordance with out complaint procedure.

Zip Pay & Zip Money

Please note that when using Zip Pay or Zip Money, we pass on a 5% charge for any work order. Please also note that if the minimum monthly repayments are not met, Zip may charge interest at the contractual rate, which is currently 19.9% and a $6 monthly account fee applies.